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Periodontal Treatments

Get Periodontal Treatments in Birmingham

For every new patient, a dental exam is completed. This is the measurement of the depth of the pockets around the tooth. Based on these measurements and by viewing the bitewing radiographs, it can be determined if Disease is present. If Disease is present, then some sort of Therapy (deep cleaning) will be needed to improve this condition. Most times with Disease there is calculus or tartar present under the gums that is causing the gum inflammation and disease. Regular visits to the Dentist are very important, so that if you do have disease, it can be caught early and treated.

gum disease gingivitis diagram

What is Therapy or Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a cleaning done at Dr. Curry’s office that allows the Dentist to use anesthetic to “numb” up the particular teeth we will clean. This way the Hygienist can painlessly remove all the calculus and tartar that is present under the gums that is causing the bone loss and disease. Getting all the calculus off the roots of the teeth is imperative, so that the gums can heal and the inflammation of the gums will subside. After the Therapy or deep cleaning is completed, a maintenance schedule will be determined based on each patient’s particular gum health.

Completing therapy is important for many reasons, but the main reason is to improve and maintain the health of the bone that holds the teeth in your mouth. A good, healthy, strong foundation for your teeth is imperative, especially if any restorative work like crowns or veneers is to be needed. Dr. Curry strives to make sure your overall gum health is up to par, before any restorations are started.

Disease “The Silent Threat”

Disease can be overlooked, and can “sneak up” on patients because it doesn’t necessarily hurt the patient, so you may think every thing is fine. Just because your mouth doesn’t “hurt,” does not mean you don’t have problems. When the pocket depths around the teeth is greater than four millimeters, it makes it very difficult for the patient to keep these areas clean, as even toothbrush bristles will not reach to this depth and clean the area out. Flossing can really help, but once the calculus has hardened and gotten down deep into the pockets around your teeth, a deep cleaning may be the only way to remove this off the teeth.

Come in today to Dr. Stuart Curry’s Birmingham Dental Office and let’s evaluate and if necessary, take care of any dental problems you may have. With a deep cleaning, regular maintenance visits and instructions on proper home care, disease can be a thing of past for you!

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