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Dental Implants

Top Implant Dentistry in Birmingham

Dental implants are a relatively new procedure and have changed what Dentists today can do now for patients with missing teeth. Instead of using bridges or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, a dental implant can be placed. The missing tooth will be replaced and back to its original look and feel, without the need to adjust or bother any of the adjacent teeth.

What is a Dental Implant?

An Implant is a really simple procedure, and is not as invasive as most people think. It is a titanium screw that is placed into the area of the missing teeth. After placement of the dental implant, it generally needs to be left alone for about four months for lower missing teeth and about six months for upper missing teeth. During this time, the bone around the dental implant becomes fused to the implant, so it almost acts as a root of a tooth. After the dental implant has become completely healed, next Dr. Curry can place the abutment and crown. Dr. Curry makes sure to place an abutment and crown that does not show that dreaded “metal line” at the top of the crown that so many people see on old crowns. The goal of the implant is to make it as natural looking as possible. After the crown is cemented onto the implant, you can eat, floss, and chew gum, etc, without worrying about it coming off or breaking.

One requirement before the placement of a dental implant would be having enough bone where the tooth is missing. Sometimes, a bone graft is required to be placed in order for this area to have enough bone to hold the implant in place. This can be determined via radiograph or simply by coming to Dr. Curry’s office for an evaluation.

What is a Complete Denture?

A Complete Denture is used in the patient’s mouth after all the original teeth have been lost or extracted, and the gum tissue has completely healed. Healing takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending upon the patient.

In some cases, an Immediate Complete Denture will be given and delivered to the patient the day the extractions take place, so that the patient does not have to go without his or her teeth. This immediate form of complete denture may require some follow up adjustment appointments in order for the denture to fit better to your mouth, mainly because the gums will change and move after teeth are extracted.

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