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Dental Bridges

Top Dental Bridge Dentistry in Birmingham

A dental bridge is a dental prosthesis that is used to replace a missing tooth. This is a popular method to replace teeth, in that the bridge is fixed and cemented in one’s mouth versus a partial denture that can come in and out. A bridge can replace one or more teeth that have been missing for a short period of time, or a long period of time.

Each tooth on either side of the missing tooth is prepped just like it is for a crown, and after an impression is taken of this area, a bridge is made and cemented that replaces the missing tooth. One major advantage to a bridge is the missing tooth can be replaced fairly quickly, without the waiting of a Dental Implant. A temporary bridge is placed that day, and within 2 weeks to permanent bridge is cemented.

Types of Dental Bridges

Just like with crowns, bridges can be made in different ways. The most popular is porcelain fused to metal, where the bridge has a metal substructure for stability. In this type of bridge, the porcelain in baked onto the metal, and when done correctly can have fantastic results and can last a very long time.

Now with the dental technology of all ceramic restorations, bridges can also be made out of an all-ceramic substance, avoiding the use of metal. In this type of bridge, the substructure of the bridge is made out of a tooth colored ceramic and porcelain is added to this the same way as the bridge mentioned above. With the ability to have the bridge the same color as teeth, the resulting bridge is more natural looking. Another added advantage is that the strength or resistance to breakage in the new all-ceramic bridges is very high.

Dental Bridge Cost

Fortunately, most dental insurances do cover dental bridges. Depending on your insurance, it may cover half or more of the procedure. Without any insurance at all, one unit of the bridge costs around $800. So, if you needed to replace one tooth, and required a three-unit bridge, then the total cost would be around $800 x 3, or close to $2,400. If you are missing a tooth, or have a tooth that needs attention and want to know your options please call or come in to our Dental Practice for an evaluation. Between a bridge, dental implant or partial denture, we can decide what would best for you!

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