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Teeth Whitening in Birmingham, AL

Teeth Whitening has become very popular over the last few years, and the technology in making the bleach that whitens teeth as become more advanced as well. At Dr. Curry’s Dental Office, we use the latest in Bleaching Systems, which incorporates Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate (the active ingredient in sensitive relief toothpastes) into the bleach, which in turn leaves the patient with little to no sensitivity after bleaching.

Options for Teeth Whitening at Dr. Curry’s

At Dr. Curry’s office, we have a few choices to whiten your teeth. The first and least expensive option is custom made whitening trays or “take home trays”. With this procedure, we would need just 10-15 minutes of your time to take upper and lower impressions of your teeth. After that, our staff will pour the impressions, and by using a vacuum matrix machine, create a custom set of upper and lower trays that fit your mouth perfectly. A day later we give you Bleach Gel that you place into the trays and then insert the trays into your mouth for 60-90 minutes at home. You should notice a difference in the shade of your teeth after the second or third session. Use this as much as you like, and if more bleach refills are needed they are available at our Dental Office.

Another option for whitening, which is the most popular, is In-Office Whitening. We use 2 types of In-Office Whitening systems: Zoom2 and Venus White. With these systems, you come in for the whitening in the office and a more concentrated type of bleach is placed on the teeth in three, 12 to 15 minute sessions. Before starting we isolate your gums and lips so that they are out of the way, and only your teeth are showing. A bite block is placed to relax your jaw, and the bleach is placed on the teeth. This can produce great results! Also included in the price of our In-Office Whitening is your own set of custom whitening trays and take home bleach, that way you can maintain the whitening you received during the In-Office procedure. It is also important to mention, that regular professional cleanings are important to have whiter teeth, and may be required before any In-office whitening can be completed.

If you have any questions, please call the Dentist’s Office at (205) 972-3831. We strive to help everyone in Vestavia Hills, Cahaba Heights, Inverness, Hoover, Hwy 280 and the greater Birmingham area keep their teeth as white and as healthy as possible.

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