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The Health Effects of Regular Dental Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Nearly half of Americans often neglect preventive dentistry and regular dental cleaning. A variety of concerns prevents many from following up with a dental specialist ranging from high costs to fear of oral procedures. The truth is, regular dental cleaning can have a substantial impact on your health by preventing issues before they occur. Here are some reasons why we should reconsider skipping that next dentist appointment.

Dental Cleaning Prevents Tooth Loss

While regular brushing and flossing have an incredible value, professional cleanings assist in providing in-depth and thorough plaque and tartar removal, which can otherwise lead to gum disease and premature tooth loss. Tooth loss is an understandable fear of many as your white smile is one of your greatest assets and a standout feature of first impressions. A good dental cleaning does the work you can’t and ensures your bright smile will stick around longer.

Poor Hygiene Can Lead to Cancer

A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that individuals with periodontitis or gum disease saw a 24% increase in cancer risks. Oral cancer is very treatable if discovered early. Regular checkups conducted by your dental specialist can assist in early cancer detection and drastically increase the chances of recovery. 

Oral Health Also Impacts Your Heart, Brain, and Lungs

Many dental specialists have established a correlation between oral hygiene and heart health. Bacterial infections can begin by entering the bloodstream through the gums. The blood can then carry it directly to the heart valves, increasing the chance of deadly heart attacks. In the same way, an infection can also spread to the lungs causing respiratory issues, pneumonia, or lung disease. In some cases, it can even lead to strokes. 

Early Detection of Cavities, Breaks, and Fractures

Even when practicing good oral hygiene habits, it is still possible for cavities to appear, fillings to break, or teeth to otherwise get damaged in various scenarios. A dental specialist can detect any of these potential damages and either correct the issue immediately or schedule another dentist appointment to address the issue separately. Failure to address these issues makes it easier for bacteria to cause the problems mentioned above.

Your Dental Specialist is Here to Help

Dentists understand that the cost of specific procedures can be costly. They, like any proper health specialist, value your well-being, and want to help you get the treatment you need. Upon detection of dental problems, most dental offices typically provide different financing options to assist in getting you the care you deserve. However, they can only do this if the issue is detected, and regular cleanings can help with this.

Establish a Regular Dental Cleaning Schedule

We at Stuart Curry Dentistry have the expertise to provide any level of comfort and pampering you may require. We understand that dental procedures can be frightening and even costly. Our friendly staff and team of experienced doctors can set you up with a regular teeth cleaning and exam schedule and financial plan that best suits you. Not only will our services promote overall better health, but you’ll also feel happier and more confident with your new, glowing smile.

You can contact us at our Dental Office in Birmingham, AL at (205)-972-3831. Alternatively, you can fill out a new patient form on our contact page and have us contact you via phone or e-mail. We look forward to helping you smile.


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