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Dentist Pelham, AL

Pelham Family Dentistry – Our Office Accepts Dental Patients From Pelham, AL

If you are looking for a Dentist in Pelham, AL, at Stuart Curry Dentistry, you’ll find a dedicated, experienced, and committed dental team that offers a wide range of general and specialty dental services, including preventative and cosmetic dental care.

At Stuart Curry we serve the people of Pelham who are looking for a dentist, we’ve earned a strong reputation for providing compassionate, advanced dental care, thanks to our dental staff that has extensive experience in a wide range of general, restorative, and preventative treatments and services. At Stuart Curry Dentistry, we provide dental care that will not only restore a smile but a patient’s confidence and quality of life as well.

Experienced Dentist Serving Pelham, AL

At Stuart Curry Dentistry, we take pride in helping patients of all ages, from children and teens to adults and seniors. Our mission is to help every patient achieve a healthy smile. We offer advanced treatments including veneers and implants and other services that are designed to restore a patient’s quality of life and beautiful smile.

Stuart Curry’s Family Dental Clinic

When you visit us, your oral health is our main priority. Dr. Curry and our entire team are dedicated to providing gentle, personalized care that every patient deserves. Our dental office utilizes cutting-edge technology, providing services that will meet all of your dental needs.
Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Crowns
  • Root Canals
  • Vaneers
  • Invisalign
  • Dentures
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Implants

And other cosmetic, general, and restorative dental services.

Preventive Dental Care

Preventative dentistry is a cooperative effort by the dentist, dental staff, and patient to preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures. This is done by preventing the onset and progress of dental conditions and diseases. Preventing disease begins at home with good oral hygiene practices. It continues in the dental office through the efforts of your dentist and our dental team. Prevention can include X-rays, exams, cleanings, and sealants. Preventative treatment can help to avoid costly and serious dental issues and is the key to achieving and maintaining a confident, healthy, and beautiful smile.

Cosmetic & Veneer Dentistry

A smile makeover can make a patient appear healthier, and younger, and can boost their self-confidence. At Stuart Curry Dentistry, we provide full cosmetic dental services that can brighten and perfect your smile. Some cosmetic smile makeovers can be completed in just two to three visits. If you’re ready to improve your smile and take care of dental imperfections, our dental team can meet with you to discuss your options and explain simple cosmetic procedures that can instantly transform your smile, such as veneers. Veneers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to instantly improve your smile. These thin coverings are used to permanently whiten teeth, correct the shape of a tooth, cover chips, or fix crooked teeth.

Restorative & Implant Dentistry

Restorative dentistry can help keep your mouth fully functioning and healthy. These services can include a variety of procedures, such as crowns, dentures, dental implants, or fillings. Treatment can address tooth decay, and filling cavities to prevent further harm and decay to a specific tooth and any surrounding teeth. Missing teeth can get replaced with dentures, bridges, or implants. A cap or crown can be used to strengthen a weak and damaged tooth and is another popular restorative procedure we do here at Stuart Curry Dentistry.

We believe that dental implants are vital to modern dentistry since they provide impressive chewing power and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Additionally, dental implants are the only tooth replacement procedure that prevents bone loss that often occurs due to missing teeth.

Due to modern advancements in dentistry, options for tooth replacement are less invasive and more effective than they were in the past. Dr. Curry can provide you with new teeth that act, look, and feel just like natural teeth.

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    Our skilled dentists in Pelham are not only excellent doctors but also compassionate people. Our dental team is committed to making you feel at ease from the moment you walk into our office. We offer a comprehensive list of dental services that can help you regain the confidence of your smile in no time. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today and start smiling brighter tomorrow!

    We also serve the great community of Helena

    Life Is Good In Pelham, AL


    Stuart Curry Dentistry is located just under thirteen miles away from Pelham, Alabama. Pelham is located within the Birmingham metropolitan areas, which offers many popular attractions that draw visitors from all over the state. 

    These attractions include Oak Mountain State Park. This park offers fishing, hiking, swimming, and mountain biking. Visitors can also camp in the park while enjoying 25 miles of hiking trails that wind through the beautiful terrain. 

    Pelham is also home to Alabama’s largest outdoor music venue. Live music concerts and other events have taken place at the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre. It has three levels of seating and is an excellent venue for concerts and festivals. 

    Stuart Curry Dentistry is a local, trusted dental facility that many Alabama residents rely on for their general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs. At Stuart Curry Dentistry, we’re proud to serve the residents of Pelham, Hoover, Birmingham, and the surrounding cities in our beautiful state of Alabama.

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