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Choosing the Right Family Dental Clinic

As with any medical care, choosing the right family dental clinic is a significant choice for the health and happiness of your loved ones. There are a variety of factors to consider, including expertise, cost, availability, as well as others. Here is a short primer to aid in helping you find a family dentist that’s right for your household.

In What Areas Does the Family Dental Clinic Specialize?

Not every family dental practice offers the same range of procedures and treatments. You may wish to find a team that emphasizes preventive dental care. If you have issues with things like gum disease or need special denture care, you’ll want to investigate how their dentists can help. You’ll want to find a clinic that has a strong knowledge base and skill set to attend to a wide array of needs and emergencies should they arise.

A great clinic can even assist in providing education or methods for better eating, quitting tobacco, or other means to promote oral health besides regular procedures.

What Are the Procedure Costs?

You’ll likely prepare to pay for regular cleanings, but what about procedures for setbacks and emergencies? Fillings, surgery, or root canals can be costly services. Inquire if they have payment plans. You should also ask about the types of anesthesia used for different procedures in case you have potential health concerns. Costs of family dental care are, unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons for irregular care.

Do They Take My Insurance?

As with any doctor visit, not all clinics take specific insurance types. Don’t schedule an appointment before investigating if the family dentist in question can work with your family insurance provider. Inquiring about this might seem obvious, but it’s arguably the most important thing to consider.

Does the Family Dentist Handle After-Hour Emergencies?

Some Family dental clinics have a specialist on call for client emergencies. Any dental issues from severe tooth pain to jaw damage may likely require immediate medical attention. If the family dental practice in question has arrangements for these scenarios, count it as a significant plus.

Are They Responsive to My Needs?

If people don’t skip their regular dental care due to financial concerns, they do because of fear and anxiety. Interview and observe the staff to discern how they handle patients. Be sure that they are kind, courteous, and accommodate their patients, especially for the sake of your children.

What Are the Hours and Availability?

Balancing work and family life is a difficult task already before working in regular dental appointments for the family. Educate yourself on their hours and days of operation to see if they can fit into your hectic schedule.

Is There a Family Dental Clinic For Me?

Fortunately, you’ve already arrived at a family dental practice that addresses all of these concerns and more. Stuart Curry Dentistry has a staff of experienced, friendly professionals who can handle all of your general dentistry needs. Dr. Stuart Curry insists upon the highest level of customer care and comfort at his general and cosmetic Dentistry facility.

Reach out to our staff today by filling out a new patient form found under our contact section. A friendly and informative staff member will contact you about all of your family dental care needs today.


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