Screening and Treatment Planning

Dr. Curry and his staff will consult with you about your dental concerns and explain in detail the check up procedure and what (if any) the costs will be before your consult. The average (first) appointment will consist of a visual inspection of your teeth and gums and if necessary an x-ray of your teeth and jawline. If any problems are found, Dr. Curry will show you the findings on our patient screening computer software as well as an inspection of your x-ray.

If you only need a filling or cleaning, we can usually proceed with your treatment immediately. If we are looking at major dental work, cosmetic or dentures, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to return as well as discuss costs, insurance or payment options.

Before any dental treatment is scheduled, we will collect your health history. This history is necessary to effectively assess a correct diagnosis and to determine a treatment profile. Please be as thorough as possible when answering these questions. Here are some of the things our staff will need to know.
  • Past dental visits, including frequency, reasons, previous treatment, and complications
  • Oral hygiene practices
  • Oral symptoms other than those associated with the chief complaint, including tooth pain or sensitivity, gingival bleeding or pain, tooth mobility, halitosis, and abscess formation
  • Past dental or maxillofacial trauma
  • Habits related to oral disease, such as bruxing, clenching, and nail biting
  • Dietary history

Planning for dental work
When planning your treatment, it's important to know the costs, available treatment options and your plan’s benefits.

Don't be reluctant to ask us about the cost of treatment before having dental work. We welcome the opportunity to discuss all options with you. Ask about your treatment options as well as the charges for each treatment and what your share would be. In some cases, there may be several alternatives from which to choose and a less expensive alternative may be available.

Be sure to brush and floss before any treatment and let us know if there are any medications that you are taking that are not in your file. There is no need to take any pain medication before a procedure and could cause excessive bleeding due to the blood thinning affect of these medications. You will have the option of topical or internal numbing and nitrous oxide before your treatment. Feel free to share any fears you have about your dental procedure. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible to ensure a pleasant visit with us.